Thursday, 4 March 2010

5 a week

For this project I have been asked to take five pictures a week for six weeks with a different concept each week.

Week 1: Land

For week one I have chosen to use land as the main theme. I am going to take some images of the cliffs, fields and the sea around cornwall. I will be using a Canon 400d digital camera to take these photos. I have a few ideas from this website:

Week 2: Work

For the second week of the project I am going to shoot a 35mm black and white film. I am going to take 5 enviromental portraits of people in there work space or enviroment. I have looked at some of Arnold Newman's images on his website, for some inspiration and ideas.

Week 3: People
For week 3 my concept is people, I have chosen to take some images of my friends and people that I am familiar with. I got the idea from Diane Arbus's work as she often used to take pictures of her friends. For these images, I have decided to use an 'everyday' digital camera as I think it just adds to the style of the images.
This week I have chosen to take some images of surfers and waves at St.Agnes beach. I wanted to do this for colour so I could show the different shades of the sea, waves and cliffs. I really like Clark Little's images of the ocean and surfers: . I am going to be using a Canon 450d with a 70-300mm lens.

Week 5: Black & White

For the concept of black and white, I have taken some images on a recent trip to Penzance, Cornwall. I wanted to explore the town and capture things that are seen in everyday life but usually not noticed. I have gathered some ideas from books in the library.

Week 6: Studio

For the last week of the project I am in the studio and will be using the Canon 40d. I am going to take some long exposure portraits using torches to capture light. I will be using a low key lighting set up and two of my friends as models. I am going to try and relate my images to this photograph: